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Nothing threatens American freedom like the rise of socialism. The main tenets of socialism are to abolish private property and the market system and turn the ownership of business over to the government. For all intents and purposes socialism and communism are identical. Suddenly socialism has begun to attract adherents in the U.S. Its phony promise of equality attracts the welfare class, social warriors, demonstrators and criminals who see a way to distribute other people’s wealth to themselves. The possible affiliation of lawbreakers with socialism threatens our civilization. In the last century collectivist governments murdered 100 million people.

Once these leftists take over a country through elections or revolutions, constitutional protections are quickly eliminated. Those who resist are imprisoned or murdered. That, of course, is the lesson of history. But today’s youthful crew of Bernie Sanders followers pay no heed to history. If a belief in socialism spreads to underclass voters and incites the criminals among them, we shall all have reason to fear. No other political idea ever spread so far, so fast or created such misery and failure. However, the New York Times wrote that the collapse of communism in Russia thirty years ago could be the source of socialism’s renewal. Granted, we are a long way from electing a socialist government, but so were the Venezuelans and most countries (including the U.S.) are slowly evolving into socialism.

Pope Pius XI wrote in 1931, “Communism teaches and seeks two objectives: unrelenting class warfare and the complete eradication of private ownership. Not secretly or by hidden methods does it do this, but publicly, openly, and by employing any means possible, even the most violent. To achieve these objectives there is nothing it is afraid to do, nothing for which it has respect or reverence. When it comes to power, it is ferocious in its cruelty and inhumanity. The horrible slaughter and destruction through which it has laid waste to vast regions of Eastern Europe and Asia give evidence of this.”

It’s naïve to believe that any of this has changed or that our nation is impervious to leftist inroads. Watch socialism spread in the months ahead and tell me if I am wrong.

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