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The hard core leftists finding fault with America are making news and gaining influence these days. Nothing could be more offensive to most of us than rejecting the Pledge of Allegiance or refusing to stand for the national anthem. In the left’s make-believe world, everybody is a racist. In reality it’s the opposite. Most Americans want to see minorities advance.  They are pleased with their success.

Contrary to what the left says, we can take pride in our history. We did not invade our neighbors as did the Japanese and murder hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. We did not kill 25 million Europeans and Russians as did the Germans. We did not slaughter millions of our own people as did the Russian and Chinese communists. We never practiced genocide as did Cambodia and several African countries. That’s real racism. Furthermore, we never embraced religions whose intolerance causes them to endlessly kill those of different faiths.

It’s disgraceful that our newspapers and TV networks glorify and support these misguided leftists. It’s shameful that our institutions of higher learning spread their divisive nonsense and malign successful people. It’s deplorable that most government bureaucrats are liberals who want to plunder our earnings, nullify our markets and intervene in our lives, occupations and businesses.


If the radicals prevail, America as we have known it will disappear. Down deep, these contemporary socialists are full of malevolence. Many are the same type of revolutionaries that put Castro and Maduro into power. A victorious left will abolish our Constitution, confiscate our assets, take away our means of defense and abrogate our rights. Nothing could be more serious than to have these collectivists triumph. We have prospered as a country because of the merit system, capitalism and free markets. Any change in this freedom formula will prove to be disastrous. Do not take these modern day Marxists lightly. They mean to do you in.

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