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When it comes to politics, the trend is not our friend. The left has made too many inroads in recent years. When has there ever been a socialist or radical leftist with a legitimate chance to become president? Never before have socialists like Ocasio-Cortez and the Squad become media darlings. Their overwrought hatred of free enterprise, capitalism and the merit system should send a chill up the spine of every successful person.

They would not hesitate to change the Constitution to meet their policy goals. They have allies in the schools and colleges who are undermining the reputation of our founding fathers and their legacy of freedom. They claim that slavery built America never mentioning that America blossomed after it ended slavery. They twist American history into a tale of exploitation and injustice. They write off those who have succeeded in our country as a privileged minority undeserving of their affluence.

They are the stepchildren of Marx and Lenin promoted by fellow travelers in the media and useful idiots in the liberal wing of their party. I cannot stress enough how dangerous these comrades are to the way of life we have enjoyed for a hundred years. There are elements among them who would not hesitate to employ violence in the expropriation of private assets should the opportunity arise. The leftist hero of the Cuban revolution, Che Guevara, would simply murder the rich landowners who balked at turning over their land. We all know of the horrors perpetrated by Stalin to further his goals. Socialism cannot erase the atrocities, killing and brutality that inevitably accompany its rise to political control of a nation. The fact that so many in the media, the government and the schools have influenced young people to favor its enactment should strike anxiety in the heart of every citizen.

That’s not all. Recent reports of mass starvation in Socialist Zimbabwe follow a pattern of people going hungry and dying by the millions in Russia, China, Cuba and Venezuela. Socialism evolves into hell on earth and if we fully embrace it, we will suffer consequences so enormous they defy description. History lays collectivism’s evils bare and that’s the lesson we need to advance. How incredible it is that socialism even exists.

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