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When I was a young man, a professor at the University of Minnesota made the news because he was a socialist. He was widely considered to be a nut. Little did we know how widespread the acceptance of socialism would become. Believe it or not, the Minneapolis city council now has a majority of socialists and Marxists running the show. One councilman is a Antifa member. Another is the first minority trans woman ever elected to office. All are committed to eliminating capitalism. No matter that socialism has never created a single product or service, while capitalism has showered us with the blessing of modern life. The socialists loathe the merit system, which they claim isn’t fair. They spend a lot of time talking about homeless encampments, police accountability and the mid-East. Meanwhile, crime and lawlessness plague the city.

Marxists and left-wing radicals have grown in number. They now win elections and that’s reason for consternation. They have a plan, and it will deprive you of freedom and wealth. The founder of this philosophy, V. I. Lenin was responsible for millions of deaths. Everywhere they gain power, their opponents are murdered. Today, these radicals are supported by the “useful idiots” in the Democratic Party. Never underestimate them or their intentions.

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