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The current shortage of workers is likely caused by government subsidy programs like Social Security Disability. That provides close to $1,500 a month. On top of that, there is food stamps, rent subsidies and a great many more programs. For the Democrats, the solution to any problem is to throw more money at it. They believe that the supply of new money is infinite. Their excessive spending is why we have inflation and other problems.

Inevitably we must suffer through the consequences of left-wing monetary policy. Oil will soon be over $100 a barrel. Prices for commodities and foodstuffs look to be out of control. The next time you go to the grocery store and see empty shelves, think about the numerous subsidized individuals in your community who could be working but are sitting at home smoking weed and watching Family Guy. If we get enough of these people (and we constantly get more) our civilization cannot hold up.

Hardly anyone appreciates the dimensions of the monetary problems we face and the potential repercussions. We risk a financial collapse of colossal proportions. Think about it. We create extreme amounts of new money to pay our bills each and every month. Our spending and our deficits mount relentlessly. A steep rise in interest rates could quite possibly render us insolvent. It’s inflate or die for our economy. However, inflation is a policy that cannot last. Only a depression might save us. You know there is a problem when a depression is the best solution for the country.

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