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If silver returned to its historic ratio to gold of 15 to 1, silver would be priced at $135 an ounce. Today, the ratio is around 80 to 1. It takes 80 ounces of silver to buy 1 ounce of gold. Actually, it should be going the other way to 5 to 1 or 10 to 1. Commodity trading in precious metals is controlled by big trading firms and banks like JPMorgan. They have engineered trading methods that enable them to make a fortune. According to silver analyst Ted Butler, they rarely, if ever, suffer losses.  While they are clearly violating commodity law, they got by with this for the past 40 years. But silver is different than a lot of commodities, you can run out of it. That’s especially true when the price is manipulated and suppressed. Too low of a price reduces profits from mining silver and production declines. Meanwhile, demand can increase for bargain-priced silver. Industrial users don’t even bother looking for a cheaper substitute.


We are approaching a time when there may not be enough silver to go around. Silver is the only commodity that has physical demand from industrial users and investors. The unfolding shortage promises to dramatically change the perception of silver. Look for it to explode in price and once again be a high value precious metal right there with gold. Recall that in ancient Egypt, silver was more valuable than gold. Furthermore, if the industrial users can’t get as much as they need, they will stockpile it and buy silver at any price. The future for silver is all good.

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