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When a big city elects a liberal mayor, you can be sure practical solutions to problems will be jeopardized. In St. Paul, Minnesota an outbreak of shooting and killing on city streets has alarmed the citizenry.  The police want to install something called a shot-spotter which immediately notifies them where a shot was fired. This has been effective in other cities to reduce shootings. The police also want to add more officers.

The mayor wants none of this. He advocates community ambassadors, government outreach and encouraging landlords to rent to felons. He wants an extra million and a half for a more “holistic” approach to crime.  This is the standard liberal prescription; more money and more social programs. These solutions never seem to work. Crime grows more persistent.

The young shooters and gang members responsible for these killings aren’t going to stop because of government money. They got this way because of the horrible way they were brought up. If your parents are criminals or addicts, you’re likely to be of equally low character. There is only one solution and it’s not popular. Take these abused and neglected infants away from toxic parents. In the right homes these children will be graduating from college instead of going to prison.

At one time orphanages like Father Flanagan’s School in Nebraska were accepted by society. For the most part, these kids turned out to be law abiding citizens. A good-hearted woman tried to open such a facility in Minnesota a few years ago and the media and minorities tore her apart. So that’s a solution that won’t be tried. The shooters will keep shooting and liberals will be wrong about this as they are about almost everything.

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