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The newspaper articles and editorials coming out of the left-wing press make it sound like conservatives are racist bigots. The leftist media tries to make the case that a large contingent on the right are white supremacists or even neo-Nazis. In reality, most Republicans have never heard of the Proud Boys or any other extremist group. The number of right-wing extremists is negligible, but you would think they were prevalent from what’s reported. The media exaggerates their number to embarrass conservatives and alarm voters.

Extremists on the left dwarf the number of extremists on the right. Radicals make up a large contingent of the Democratic party and that’s not the case with Republicans. Extremists on the left are busy blaming America for the world’s ills. They make horrible accusations which for the most part are exaggerations.  Fortunately, their derogatory accusations are offset by conservatives praising America and its benevolent history.

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