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When I was 19 years old, a friend gave me a copy of a book entitled Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This volume stresses a positive attitude in order to succeed in business. It conveys a message that financial success comes through service to others. Over the past 44 years that we’ve been in business gold and silver have provided a service in the sense that they have appreciated as well as anything. On the other hand, the rise and fall of prices have left some people who bought these metals with losses. I firmly believe that is going to change and for a while in the future, nobody will have losses.

We provided good service in the sense that we sold and delivered several billion dollars worth of silver and gold without any problems for our clients. However, that kind of good service only scratches the surface of what our efforts will ultimately provide for our customers. That’s because there is going to be hell to pay and silver and gold will mitigate that financial hell. The greatest monetary sins in history must inevitably lead to the greatest monetary punishment in history. A collapse in the purchasing power of the dollar followed by a collapsing economy will send the price of gold and silver into the stratosphere. That pricing will serve to offset the ravages of panic and fear brought on by mainstream markets disintegrating before our eyes. We’ve had a taste of it in prior declines, but never the big one that’s on our doorstep now.

Almost all investors are heavily into stocks or their derivatives. It’s a crowded trade. Many years ago, my friend and I were hunting in a small duck boat on a Minnesota marsh. A duck flew directly over us and we both went up to shoot, and when we missed we stretched further backwards to get another shot. Instead of a second shot, we kept going, rolling backwards into the icy water. That’s the perfect analogy for today’s markets. Everybody is on one side of the boat. The small investor is all in. When the crisis comes, our services will be more valuable than ever.  It behooves you to take advantage of these services at an early date before the financial crisis arrives.

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