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The one picture that comes into my mind whenever I think about the arson and looting that plagued Minneapolis last year has to do with the police. Under orders from our liberal mayor, the police abandoned the 3rd Precinct station and left it to burn. A convoy of police cars fled from the station amidst the smoke and flames. These fleeing cars will always be etched in my memory and will be shown in future TV clips of the riot. In a way, this retreat was the opening stanza of the national crime spree that has unfolded since the police in Minneapolis were ordered to stand down while the city burned. Our city sets the example of allowing crime to run rampant while the police looked on. It quickly caught on across the country.

Liberals allowed this to happen. Instead of insisting that the police use whatever force was necessary to arrest and thwart the rioters, they sympathized with them. They rationalized crimes of major proportions and virtually endorsed the community’s destruction. Later they claimed that was not so, but they lied. By calling off the police they enabled arsonists and vandals to burn and loot and they set an example for the nation to see. This lack of law enforcement now plagues many communities and the growth and spread of criminality is alarming. As long as these crimes go unpunished, the more frequent they will be. This is just more proof that the liberal agenda is the blueprint for national ruin. Instead of condemning crime, they winked at it.

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