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Like many large cities, the Minneapolis city government is run by extreme leftists. The city council recently wrote Jamie Dimon, the president of JPMorgan to insist that he resign from Donald Trump’s business council. They also demanded that JPMorgan stop financing private prisons. What any of this has to do with city business nobody knows.

The dislike of private prisons emanates from the left’s horror over the word profit. That’s something the socialists would like to abolish. In the southwestern part of our state, a newly constructed prison built and operated by a private company sits idle. The prisoners are gone and the prison employees are out of work. Meanwhile overcrowding and high costs plague the Minnesota penal system. How dare anybody suggest that part of the solution would be through a company that makes a profit?

The candidates for the Minneapolis council this year are even farther left. This motley assortment of radicals, Marxists and socialists are spouting nonsense about white privilege and a white power structure that must be dismantled. For them this is not the land of opportunity, it’s the land of racism and oppression. It’s so much malarkey, you have to wonder who swallows it.  These activists who are starting to take over the Democratic Party are well on their way to ruining the cities they have captured. Their incompetent and collectivist nonsense is a blight on America.

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