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The left is not just wrong most of the time, they are often incompetent. We’ve seen plenty of examples of that in recent weeks. Our monetary policy may top the list. The amount of money the government is dishing out defies comprehension. Everywhere you look, someone is getting free money. The latest candidates for a monetary splurge are the new immigrants. Numerous government welfare programs kick in to give them what they need including a healthy dollop of cash. I’m not suggesting they be forced to become “rugged individualists,” but you have to ask how much money will be created to help them and everyone else? Sooner or later, the consequences of over-spending comes to bear and that’s likely to be a scary level of inflation followed by deflation.

Do these liberal politicians ever think there is something amiss with these vast, open-ended welfare payments? They just keep adding new handouts with no concern for the consequences. In addition to the financial and economic damage, there are disturbing social consequences. We often hear that there is a reduced birthrate among teenage girls. However, in the high crime areas of our major cities, plenty of teenagers are pregnant and giving birth. They are safe in doing this because the government gives them money. The fathers are often missing and these one-parent households can be highly dysfunctional. It’s one reason crime is spiking. Nevertheless, absolutely nothing will be done to curb this social dilemma. The money will keep coming and the benefits will keep increasing until they no longer can. Everything ends sometime, and so will welfare. That won’t be fun for anybody.

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