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Years ago a well-known Democrat wrote that every time a person gets mugged the Democrats lose a vote. In other words the victim of a car-jacking no longer has much social sympathy. Experiencing such a crime changes them forever. How about the crimes and rioting in our major liberal cities, will that change voter sentiments? It would seem that these looters and shooters are playing into Mr. Trump’s hands. If a majority of the American people do not deplore these riots and reflect these sentiments at the ballot box, it would be a sure sign of national decay.

Nothing short of a mugging will change the minds of hardcore liberals. I have friends in Florida who my wife and I socialize with. The wife is a hardcore liberal from New York. Every once in a while she and I get into it and our mates have to intercede to quiet us down. Last week she flew to Manhattan to see her mother. She also has her own condominium in a neighborhood heavily impacted by liberal lunacy. She complained to my wife that everything was boarded up and it was dangerous to walk outside. The luxury hotel on her block was being occupied by homeless addicts. People were shooting up heroin in the street and a lot of her friends have left the city. Nevertheless, she remains a Trump hater and refuses to blame the left for this debacle.

Liberals justify all this law-breaking and vandalism as the result of racial grievances. They stress that these are mostly peaceful demonstrators. After seeing the burned out hulks of once vibrant businesses it should be hard for voters to swallow this malarkey. When the police don’t come for a 911 call that means your personal safety is at risk. Hopefully most people don’t have to get mugged before they see the light.

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