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The free money the government is passing out to people these days has a price. It makes worse the problem it’s supposed to cure. For decades the government has poured money into the high crime areas of our cities. However, crime has become worse in these areas. The answer for our liberal government is to pour even more money into these areas.

This money is an enormous incentive for unwed mothers in these neighborhoods to have more children. The child tax credit, supplemental income, temporary assistance, housing assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, income tax credits and state welfare programs pave the way for one parent households. The left is pushing for a guaranteed income and permanent benefits paid for by MMT. These aggressive welfare policies will encourage a population explosion in the high crime neighborhoods. Nothing could be more destabilizing for a nation than to subsidize the unlimited growth of high-crime areas in our cities. The crime we see today can multiply many times over until our cities become unlivable.

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