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Recently, I noticed a photo of young Marxists holding up a variety of signs as they marched in a demonstration. One sign said, “Join the Struggle against Capitalism.” Another sign said, “Free Education, Funded by Expropriation.” To me the latter sign is the essence of the left; they want your money. They want what you own and they want your affluent lifestyle. They are secretly and deeply infected with envy. They want the things you paid a price for, but they want them without a price. They want to body slam you and bring you down to earth. Equality doesn’t interest them, they want the upper hand.

Most Democrats might disagree with these Communists, but they don’t hesitate to vote for candidates who echo Marxists sentiments. In that sense, liberals are the “useful idiots” of today. In the Russian revolution, the people who sided with the Reds never thought that all the wealth would be confiscated by the Bolsheviks or that they would shoot the Czar and his lovely family. Affairs in Russia just kept sliding leftward until their constitution became a broken promise and the rich were murdered along with anyone else who disagreed.

Revolutions and other great social changes are often triggered by economic declines. Socialism always grows in depressions. We are one or two Supreme Court judges and a handful of legislators away from watering down the Constitution and beginning the high tax regime that evolves into expropriation. Marxists preach our overthrow in the universities and leftists whip up race, class and gender hatreds that poison our discourse. Magazines, newspapers, movies, television and radio are solidly socialist. Our greatest generations (mine included) are no longer a bulwark against the commies and we cannot replace them. You have to wonder if liberals ever read history and if they do, does it register? In any case, the coming bitter history lesson is one I probably won’t be around for, but unfortunately my kids and grandkids will.

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