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We have a customer who has bought many millions of dollars of silver from us. In my estimation, Tom is a knowledgeable and shrewd investor. At one time he was a successful stock trader on Wall Street. I talk with him frequently to get his opinion on silver matters. He told me, “If you missed Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, you have another chance at an astronomical gain with silver.” “This stuff could easily be $200 an ounce.” He thinks a blastoff is imminent. “Once it gets out of the gate, it’s going to explode. It will be an incredible momentum trade.”


My company has been running ads that mention these bullish factors:

  • Silver Shortage – Not enough silver for industry.
  • Heavy Demand – Solar panels and electronics using more silver.
  • India hoarding massive amounts of silver.
  • Silver mining production shrinking or stagnant.
  • Investors accumulating silver coins and bars.
  • Silver cheaper now than in 1980.
  • World inventories plunging.

Tom agrees with these points, but he’s even more enthusiastic about what can happen to silver because it has been artificially suppressed in the futures market. By manipulating the price downward, the big players on the COMEX have undermined the normal supply and demand functions of the market. They have suppressed the price to the point that adjusted for inflation, silver is cheaper than it has ever been. Tom claims that this giveaway price is the commodity buy of a lifetime. “It could easily go up ten times from here and spike even higher. What they have done to the silver market can only be rectified by higher prices. Once you see that, all other bullish commentaries on silver pale in comparison.”

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