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When I was a little kid, my dad bought a sporting goods store in a small town in British Columbia. One evening my parents went out to dinner and left me with a babysitter. She told me the Japanese had landed in Alaska and they might be coming to British Columbia.  I remember that it scared me. When my parents came home, I told them what I’d heard. They assured me that the Japanese had landed on small islands (Attu and Kiska in the Aleutians) a long way from us.

Most of the worrisome things we are warned about never come to fruition. I grew up in the U.S. preparing for an atomic bomb attack. Then we were warned about a coming ice age, overpopulation, acid rain, and running out of natural resources. Currently we hear incessantly about peak oil, and global warming. It makes sense to be skeptical of all of them.

What about fears of hyperinflation and economic collapse? Are the few people who consider such events to be possible barking up the wrong tree? The wisdom of the Austrian School of Economics suggests this is one warning that should be heeded. An economic collapse and runaway inflation are in the cards. A crisis is certain.

That’s because liberals at the Federal Reserve and the Treasury are in charge of our money. Liberals, who are wrong about virtually everything, control the fate of our dollar. They have no qualms about runaway spending and exploding social programs. They simply create money out of thin air to pay the bills. Only liberals could see no problem with unlimited money and credit expansion. They don’t care about savings, they want spending. They are indifferent to zero interest rates and the financial needs of retirees. They care less about the economy than about subsidizing those who vote for them and funding their own wacky schemes.

Liberals control our money and the destiny of our economy. The fate of the dollar is in their hands and that means the dollar is doomed. If you doubt this, try to come up with one thing the left has done that works well or makes economic sense. Liberals ruin most things they touch and the dollar is next.

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