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A leader of the Democratic Party recently failed to answer a question on a TV show about the difference between a socialist and a democrat. It’s not that hard. A socialist wants the government to own the factories and the stores. A democrat will leave these businesses in private hands, but the government will oversee everything and take most of the profits. We actually have an avowed socialist making inroads as a candidate for presidency. The fact that many young people are supporting him tells you that our educational system is a miserable failure. It’s capitalism that has made us great, but where can you learn that?

The socialist Bernie Sanders thinks he should dictate how many brands of deodorant a drug store should have for sale. Actually, he’s a Marxist, but that fact won’t surface. In reality, he’s a highly impractical man who could never run a business, or manage an enterprise. In fact, he became a socialist out of his own inadequacy and failure to hold a job. Like so many overeducated mediocrities, he blames free markets and successful entrepreneurs for society’s shortcomings and cloaks his envy in social sympathy. He couldn’t cut it in the real world, but he managed to spin his socialist B.S. into a Senate seat. The whole sorry bunch of these democrats and socialists in Washington are doing little more than obstructing business, ruining commerce and discouraging entrepreneurship. They are gutting the economy and crippling capitalism. The same types run the Treasury and the Federal Reserve. Be afraid. The socialist path is the road to extinction. Either capitalism wins over socialism in America or we are going to experience some kind of hell. So far, our side is losing.

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