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Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and marvel at the improbability of Ted Butler. Could it really be possible that a 58 year old loner on the Florida east coast has somehow come up with the model for the future of silver’s price movement? I don’t mean loner in the anti-social sense. I mean a guy who has no affiliation with the powers that be. Sure he was once a commodities broker, but for many years he’s been a lonely purveyor of a powerfully bullish case for silver.

I wonder how he can be right when mighty financial establishments either disagree or are unaware of his arguments for silver. Nobody else has pioneered this remarkable case for silver. As far as I can see, he’s been the only original thinker on the subject. Some of what he’s said has come to pass. On the rest, we await the final verdict.

Could he be right? It’s certainly not an aberration in the history of man for a lone individual to pioneer a breakthrough. The public laughed off Henry Ford’s horseless carriage. Einstein and Edison were tossed out of school. It’s been proven time and again that one person can change history. Then again, there’s a lot more mavericks that were wrong than proved to be right.

So, how can you tell a genius from a crank? One way for sure is their degree of expertise. Ted Butler eats, sleeps and breathes silver. He’s been obsessed with the subject for over twenty years. Nobody on the planet comes close to his understanding and knowledge of the metal. I’ve been in the silver business for 33 years and he’s taught me more about the subject than I thought there was to know. His daily intensity, insightful analysis and comprehensive grasp of the silver market is most impressive. I’ve come to believe there’s a strong likelihood he will be proven right.

Am I biased because it would serve my self interest if he was right? Perhaps. But it would be worse for me if he was wrong. It’s a risk to promote something so heavily and not have it work out. I’m too old to start over or reinvent the company once again. I’m making my bet on silver. I’m buying it for myself, and I’m guessing this is going to unfold along the lines that Mr. Butler suggests.

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