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Why buy silver? We rely on the word of silver analyst Theodore Butler and his bullish forecasts. After thirty years of analyzing silver, we firmly believe he knows what he is talking about. His track record speaks for itself. In 2001 he predicted silver would rise ten times and it did. Most of what is written about silver trading on the COMEX and elsewhere originated with him.

Mr. Butler points out the extremely bullish fundamentals in silver. Industrial demand consumes most of the silver mined every year. This demand promises to grow with the evolution into more electronic devices, electric cars and solar energy. Meanwhile, the above-ground supply of silver is held by world investors and not much of that is available. Only much higher prices will bring this silver to market. Furthermore, silver is a crucial ingredient for a wide variety of products. Mr. Butler thinks the silver supply is so tight that a shortage is inevitable. That would create panic buying by industrial users who will pay any price to get the silver they need.

The reason that silver has not appreciated to much higher free market price levels lies with a form of price suppression on the COMEX by big banks and brokers. Prices are set on the COMEX and for several decades it has been highly profitable for a few financial entities to be short silver futures. Mr. Butler has proved conclusively that this controls price outcomes. If you would like more detailed proof we will be glad to send you Mr. Butler’s book, How JPMorgan Manipulates and Controls the Gold and Silver Market.

So how will silver escape this impediment to a price rise? Mr. Butler has proven that while JPMorgan has been instrumental in holding down the price in the futures market, it has been busily acquiring physical silver that’s stored in its various warehouses. He estimates JPMorgan has acquired at least 500 million ounces of silver bars and coins. We don’t know what could be more conducive to a future price rise. On a ten-dollar price rise in silver, they stand to make five billion. In our estimation a price rise is inevitable. That’s why we exhort you to buy silver now. It has such a great story and the current price seems more than reasonable given Mr. Butler’s upside projections. My favorite quote of his goes like this, “Silver will be like an atom bomb on a hydrogen bomb, on a neutron bomb.” That has to be the most bullish statement anybody has ever made on any investment anytime, anywhere. Mr. Butler advises not to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity he has laid out for us.

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