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All Americans are passengers on the Titanic and the ship has already hit the iceberg. The collision was caused by the last six years in Washington. The socialist schemes promoted by this administration are now going to sink us. They put us on a collision course with disaster.  Whether you know it or not you’re in steerage. First class and cabin class are occupied by government bureaucrats, Wall Street bankers and subsidized pals of the administration.

Most people don’t see what’s happening. They don’t know the water is rushing in. They will deny a problem exists even when the ship begins listing to starboard. Only when it starts to capsize will the panic begin. That will be too late for most people.

In six years we’ve socialized medicine, dramatically increased taxes, and grossly overregulated the economy. We’ve spent excessively and printed trillions of fresh money to pay the bills. The runaway costs of government social programs are open-ended and promise financial emergencies and national bankruptcy. We’ve doomed ourselves to irresolvable problems in the future that can’t yet be discerned. The liberals have pushed us to the brink of ruin.

How do you avoid going down with the ship? You put on a lifejacket and find the life boats. You don’t listen to the captain and the first mate, who tell you to stay put. You act contrary to the rest of the passengers. The time to do that is now, because the ship is starting to sink.

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