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We’ve had some large orders recently where clients sold out of the SLV – the exchange traded silver fund.  They used the proceeds to buy silver from us and store it at Brinks.  In that way they get bars that are not commingled and they get the exact serial numbers of their bars listed on the storage receipt.  Furthermore, it’s stored in the U.S. not in Britain.

Suppose we experience the worst of all economic worlds.  The British economy collapses, the pound deteriorates, the British government is desperate.  Here is this huge stockpile of silver that if temporarily expropriated could put some psychological floor under the pound.  Desperate governments will do desperate things.  For example, they could take the silver and pay later, much later.

There is no good way out for a world that spends recklessly and then creates new money to pay the bills.  You have to make the moves that protect you from government.  They’re going to come after your money and never forget it.  If half the population of Britain (the moochers) are burning and rioting don’t expect some guy on the 64th floor to return your call.  Get your silver into the U.S.

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