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In my daily conversations with Ted Butler, I get a clarifying vision of how much money he thinks will be made by owning silver. Consequently I plan to sell assets and buy more silver.  Recently I sold my Babe Ruth home run bat for a mind-boggling $550,000. A chunk of that will go into silver. According to Ted, the more silver I own the more profits lie ahead. Mr. Butler is without a doubt the ranking silver expert in the world. He has articulated numerous facts about silver that when taken in total are beyond bullish. He promises astronomical gains to those who own silver.

My goal is to acquire an additional 10,000 ounces of physical silver. I won’t do it all at once, but I will do it over the next few months. The time seems ripe. Yesterday we got quite a few packages of silver back from customers who were selling their silver. That’s a first for us and a sure sign of a bottom. Our sales volume has slowed down and that also argues for a bottom. Industry-wide sales of gold and silver are at their lows. Somebody big is buying huge quantities of Silver Eagles, but it certainly isn’t the dealers. Today, silver is the ultimate contrary opinion asset. Silver is screaming to be bought here, but few are listening.

Let’s review what Mr. Butler says. A multi-million ounce turnover of silver in and out of the commodity warehouses each week indicates a tight supply and a possible shortage. That’s because industrial demand for silver underpins the value of the metal. JPMorgan is loading up on this miraculous metal. The price has been artificially suppressed for years and such price controls build up a volcanic pressure that explodes when set free.

The low current price is damaging the silver mining and exploration companies thereby retarding the future supply of silver. The world is printing money like never before and while other assets soar silver bottom bounces. At some point silver will act as a monetary metal once again to offset currency erosion. The more we drill down into the reasons to own silver the better the story becomes. Mr. Butler insists it’s the road to a certain fortune.

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