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We are in the grips of an evil system.  Big government social planners claim their programs do good but they do more harm than good.  In fact they do horrible things.  For example, the black family has disintegrated under the auspices of the nanny state.  The illegitimacy rate has soared to 70%.  Drug addiction and alcoholism are epidemic among the subsidized.  Among Native Americans the rate of alcoholism hovers around 90% and the reservations have become dismaying repositories of dysfunction.

If you care about people don’t give them money they didn’t earn.  The more you give them the worse off they are.  The liberals and leftists with their fanatical devotion to social justice never bother to examine the damage they do or stop to pick up the pieces.  They push for more behavioral poison blinded by their radical zealotry.  They foster dependency.  They consign little children to sexual predation.  They promote criminality and misbehavior.  They beat their breast in outrage over the social disaster they themselves have engineered casting blame on those who diagnose their damage.  Whatever their motives, the modern leftist commits atrocities. They ruin people.

A wise man said, “The worst thing that can befall you is to have nothing to do.”  Is it too much to ask the left to absorb some simple truths about human behavior?  Do liberals know Proverbs?  e.g.  “Idleness is the devil’s workshop.”  Bad behavior emanates from boredom.  Think of its opposite – stimulation.  People will do bad things to escape boredom.    That’s not all, runaway social sympathy obscures the crucial fact that human beings improve themselves through struggle.  Adversity carries the seeds of wisdom and growth.  The left is engineering a nation of wimps and ne’er-do-wells, who run to the government with every hangnail and eventually become permanent wards of the state.  Taxpayers are creating and subsidizing villains who can rob and maim them.

This is the Achilles heel of liberalism.  These are the facts that should be relentlessly publicized.  To defeat the left attack their weakest point.  Shine the spotlight on their atrocious handiwork.  They can never defend what they have done.   In it lies the seeds of their undoing.  They will never own up; never acknowledge.  The magnitude of their sins exceeds anything that came before.  Expose these crimes of the liberal do-gooders.  By reducing tens of millions of people to self-destructive behavior and outright helplessness they are guilty of the greatest wrongdoing in history.

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