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A weakening Europe means more money printing.  That’s the way runaway government spending gets financed.  Just create a batch of new money to pay the bills.  The government’s commitment to money creation is open-ended and seemingly infinite.  How can anyone rely on dollar denominated savings, bonds, annuities or insurance when paper money has no brake or limit on its creation?

The long term consequences of relying on paper leads to diminished lifetime security.  The cure is to hold precious metals.  Years ago my parents scrimped to pay for a $10,000 life insurance policy that they thought would give them enough money for their retirement.  When they retired it wasn’t even close.  Stop looking forward for the damage to purchasing power and look at the past.

Gas was once $.25 a gallon.  Remember inflating is only getting worse and the government’s numbers are inaccurate.  Furthermore, the massive amount of new money has barely begun to impact prices.  That tidal wave is lurking off-shore.

There is only one nimble strategy for coming out on top during this ordeal.  That’s to own tangible assets.  The best of them is probably silver because it’s not abundant, it’s liquid and you can get it into your physical possession.  It’s a mistake to think silver ETF’s are an acceptable alternative.  That silver is stored overseas and could be nationalized by a desperate foreign government.  If all hell breaks loose as it may, don’t expect some guy on the 58th floor to return your calls.  Get the silver in your hands or store it at Brinks, who will ship it to you or to us upon your request.

Silver analyst Theodore Butler expects that you will make a fortune owning silver.  He warns of an unfolding silver shortage and a buying panic.  He


sees the price soaring as the big short position in silver is eventually covered.  A good economy means greater industrial demand for silver.  A bad economy means greater investment demand.  Either scenario should see terrible inflation which should only be good for silver.  In the double digit inflation of 1980 silver went through the roof.

Inflation and socialism go together hand in glove.  They are the offspring of liberal politics and they are ruinous to America.  We have not begun to experience their ravages because of new debt, spending and money creation.  We have borrowed the savings of the world to finance our high living.  This will end with a bang and woe for those who believed the politicians and media who rationalized our profligacy. We are one black swan event away from the greatest comeuppance in history.  If the left continues to provide the solutions to the coming crisis it spells our doom.  Be certain of it.

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