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An article in our local paper about cuts in food stamps mentioned a single mother age 27 with children 3, 5 and 7.  This woman told how she would be hurt by a cut.  No doubt she would be hurt and that’s an intractable problem.  Many welfare recipients rely on government handouts.  Consequently, these payments are unlikely to ever be reduced.

This woman would not have had three children without payments from the government that encouraged having children out of wedlock.  Social programs like this have put us behind the eight-ball.  There’s no turning back.  The damage has been done.  By embracing social programs years ago we created a huge dependent class that grows relentlessly.  The government and our politicians will never agree to substantially reduce welfare.  It will grow until it devours us.

It can only end when the government’s checks bounce or the dollar buys so little it amounts to nothing.  Then there will be hell to pay.  You can accuse me of spreading gloom and doom but there are millions of kids with single mothers who will live on subsidies rather than their own efforts.  Many of them are already unemployable because of bad habits.  They are taking over small towns and major cities and they will elect politicians who promise them more.  I don’t think any nation in history has ever been faced with a problem that is so inimical to its future.  There’s no cure for it and there is no way any of us can escape its sorry consequences.

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