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My wife and I are friends with three different couples who went to Cuba in the last year. The first couple asked us to go with them. I said no. Frankly, I loathe the Cuban regime and always hated Fidel Castro. I wouldn’t go to Cuba for any reason. In 1971-72 I started a drinking water business in Miami and got to know a number of Cubans who fled the island. I’ve always been impressed with the Cuban people. Their entrepreneurial record in south Florida has no equivalent this side of China.

The second couple came back from Cuba and said they enjoyed it. However, my third set of friends said the island was a dump. The buildings are aged and crumbling. Everything looked old and decrepit. A taxi driver told them there were spies in every block who looked for critics of Castro. My friend described it as a socialist hellhole. He told me to send my liberal daughter to Cuba. It would open her eyes.

Despite the mess that socialism has made of Cuba, the leaders of the revolution press on with their insistence that the collectivist system works. Socialists like liberals in the U.S. refuse to see or admit their failures. For example, liberals would never admit that their welfare system that produces cities like Detroit bears any blame.  They refuse to see failure. People are starving in Venezuela. They are looting grocery stores and rioting. The socialist government will take no blame. Meanwhile, the liberal media in the U.S. doesn’t want to report the clear evidence from Venezuela that socialism fails.

We have embraced too much socialism in the U.S. and if that trend continues we will start to experience what’s happening in Venezuela. If socialism prevails we will fail in every sense of the word. Nothing about socialism works, everything about it is backward. It destroys rather than creates. It is a philosophy of decay and ruin.

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