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Is there anything worse that can befall a country than a financial catastrophe and depression? Yes, and it’s happening right now. At least 100,000 new criminal predators are coming on to our streets this year. These juvenile delinquents under 20 years are in an age group known to be more violent and vicious than any other. For the most part, they originate within the underclass and are comprised of all races. Statistics are cloudy, but the number of them committing crimes could actually be as high as 250,000 and, worst of all, this is a trend that will continue to grow. In addition, six million people who served time in prison are out on the street, and over half of them are going back to jail. Meanwhile, our penitentiaries are stuffed full with one and a half million inmates.

Among the subsidized underclass, high rates of alcoholism and drug addiction impair their ability to properly raise children. In some cases, neglect or sexual and physical abuse ensures that their children will misbehave. Poor character and frequent examples of lying, cheating or stealing translate into bad behavior in the kids. Many of the underclass never get into trouble with the law themselves, but their dysfunctional behavior gets passed on to the next generation who may then resort to crime. We’re not talking about some small slice of the population here, we’re talking about a large, growing problem that no modern nation has ever had to cope with.

Already, 32% of young black males will be incarcerated at least once. By some estimates, as many as 40% of the male population in the inner city will be ensnared in the criminal justice system. Unemployment in our central cities runs to 60% or higher. That’s because normal employment opportunities are rejected while illegal activities in the underground economy flourish.

Crime statistics indicate that children of single parents turn to delinquency at a higher rate. That makes it all the more worrisome that the percentage of children born out of wedlock among the underclass has reached levels that are beyond disgraceful. According to author, Mona Charen, “In 1960, the white rate of illegitimacy was 2 percent. In 1999, the rate was 27 percent. Among blacks, the 1960 rate was 23 percent. By 1999, it had climbed to near 70 percent. In some black neighborhoods, children can grow up without knowing anyone who is married.” Read that last sentence again and ask yourself what kind of behavioral nightmare are these social programs creating? Mona Charen points out the reason, “liberals….provided young women with the wherewithal (their own apartments and a monthly stipend) to make getting along without a husband possible, and to immature eyes, even desirable.”

Unfortunately, the underclass has a birth rate at least three times higher than the general populace. Project those growth rates a few decades into the future and you should be terrified as to what kind of dangerous society your grandchildren will inherit. When a half million vicious teenage hoodlums hit the streets every year, the cities will be worse than war zones. But don’t expect the liberals, whose social programs created this mess, to see the error of their ways. They only know one cure for the various problems their programs create; more money, which only compounds the problem.

Liberals are great for broadcasting improvement in any small aspect of the crime rate. They downplay crime and mislead us on crime statistics. The day will come when murder doesn’t make the newspapers. That’s because liberals suspect there might be linkage between giving people money they didn’t earn and their behavior. Hello! Liberals don’t want to take the blame for a behavioral disaster of this magnitude, but they are responsible. I’ll say it again, the liberal agenda is the blueprint for national ruin and socialism is the road to hell on earth. Our nation is traveling down that road.

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