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Minneapolis was one of 13 cities designated to receive federal aid for its most blighted neighborhood. Federal grants will provide direct assistance under a new Obama program called “Promise Zone.” This will be additional welfare for those already on welfare.

This high crime neighborhood has for years hosted gangs, prostitutes and drug dealers. To some extent these are people of questionable character with shockingly high rates of alcoholism and drug addiction. Giving them more money is an act of futility. In fact the money reinforces their unsavory behavior. Liberals insist that somehow these people will become upstanding citizens if we just give them more money. If you need proof that liberals are blind look no further.

Welfare destroys good character. An elderly Minnesota farmer was murdered recently by a couple of young white hoodlums. Days later a farm couple was murdered by another group of youthful white thugs. You can bet these delinquents are products of the welfare system. All races rot under the subsidized life. On Minnesota Indian reservations the alcoholism rate is 90% and heroin addiction is out of control.

We have these liberal nincompoops telling us that inner city rioters and malcontents are angry because of a lack of opportunity. There are no job opportunities for the unemployable. No company will hire a thief, an addict or a person who can’t get to work in the morning. The welfare system with its perverse incentives has made people either unwilling to work or unable to hold a job. The more money they get the worse off they are.

Somehow they are trying to lay the blame for this mess on successful people who are supposedly unwilling to give more money to the poor. The President claims that business people who have made money are no more than lottery winners. This belief was a favored fantasy of Lenin and has taken root among American progressives. Forget hard work, perseverance, risk taking and ingenuity, it’s only luck that makes entrepreneurs rich. Can you imagine Dwight Eisenhower or John F. Kennedy making such a lame brained claim? Our leaders have lost their way.

American’s greatest crisis lies with the rapidly growing number of people who are subsidized. Its greatest sin is precisely what the liberals have done to make people dependent and delinquent. If you have ruined the character of millions of people, you have blood on your hands.

Sadly there is no good way out. Most social programs should have never been started, but once they begin, they can’t be stopped. Too many people come to depend on them. So we are on this slow inexorable march to oblivion where spending can never be stopped, deficits can only grow, taxes must be hiked and the economy gradually sputters and dies. Then there will be no money left for subsidies or anything else. It’s the liberal endgame.

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