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Big government liberals are ruining the greatest country in the world.  Down deep they don’t believe in free markets and capitalism.  They think Washington can do a better job.  They have unlimited faith in government no matter how many examples we have of bureaucratic failure.  Not many months ago our new president promised that if his spending plan was passed unemployment would be cured.  Billions were passed out but things got worse.  So many promises, so few results.

In the current administration we have advisors, bureaucrats and czars without a lick of practical business experience.  We have college professors at the Fed and people running the Treasury with more degrees and educational credentials than Russian generals have medals.  The president himself lacks any business experience.  He was a community organizer finagling government grants.  He’s surrounded by career politicians, union bosses and government officials that never worked a day in the private sector.  None of them have ever made a payroll, created a dime of wealth or produced anything.  They never made a profit, served customers, innovated a service, marketed a product or sold anything.  Business is foreign to them.

In actuality they are antagonistic towards free enterprise.  Like Lenin they think business success is a matter of luck.  They don’t see consumers as the kings and queens of the market whose buying choices determine which businesses succeed or fail.  They see consumers as victims.  Listen to the president talk about the insurance companies or drug companies or the oil companies.  He infers that they are predators taking advantage of naïve consumers.  He insists his ideas on how to punish them, control them and take their money must be heeded.   These attitudes permeate Washington.  They are more socialistic than capitalistic.

Now these denizens of the ivory towers, devoid of the entrepreneurial skills necessary to make a buck are charged with turning the economy around.  They don’t have a clue about creating jobs.  They’ve made “sound as a dollar,” a laughing matter.  Bush and Obama have crippled the economy, aggravated unemployment and stifled innovation.  They’ve subsidized a flock of losing technologies rather than let the market sort out the winners and  losers.  They’ve spent our money on make work jobs of no lasting value.  They have an arrogance that they know best.  However, their big government schemes have not worked nor will they ever work.

It’s not that hard.  Adam Smith explained, “Little else is required to carry a state to the highest degree of opulence from the lowest barbarism but peace, easy taxes and a tolerable administration of justice.”  That’s the formula.  Lower taxes and let people keep more of their money.  It leads to capital investment and provides incentives to innovate and produce.  Do the things America did a hundred years ago that made it an economic powerhouse.  Forget the strategies and tactics of the socialists that failed so dreadfully in Russia, Cuba and anywhere else the government reigned supreme.  Let capitalism work.  If you want proof of capitalism’s supremacy, look around you.  If the current administration was in charge a hundred years ago we wouldn’t have mattresses.  We’d be sleeping on dirt floors.  God help us if they raise taxes and kill the economy in the name of social justice.

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