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I’m not waving a white flag but it looks to me like socialism has won in the U.S.  That fact ensures the decline and fall of America.  Nothing good has ever originated with socialism.  In fact, the world’s greatest tragedies and failures rest on its doorstep.  Socialism equals poverty and human suffering.

Some would argue that we are not truly socialistic because the government doesn’t own the means of production.  However, the government milks the capitalist cow to pay for its socialistic schemes. The main difference between communists and progressives is that for the time being the ownership of industry remains in private hands.  Otherwise, their social programs are remarkably similar.

The Keynesian economic formula we suffer under requires massive money creation to pay the socialistic subsidies for half of our population. The government debt we incur pays for the spread of socialism by expanding programs like rent subsidies, food stamps, disability payments and Medicaid.  We also use debt to maintain our living standards while ripping off the world with depreciating dollars.

We are experiencing the final chapter of Keynesian economics. The trillions of dollars floated by the faithful followers of Keynes who populate our economic and financial hierarchy ensure our demise. An inflationary policy works only as long as the yearly increments in money are increased. It’s a formula that cannot last.  The amounts are so large and the debts so huge that more and greater amounts of the same are a form of national suicide.

Most people who have ever lived through the decline and fall of an empire never saw it coming.  Some people could live under socialism or capitalism and never know the difference. However, nobody’s going to miss the extent of our collapse. It will be the greatest monetary failure in human history.

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