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My neighbor invested solely in stocks. However, a few years ago I convinced him that silver would be a worthwhile holding. He argued against taking silver into his possession. He thought it to be cumbersome. He had never previously considered holding bars and coins. Eventually he followed my advice, but he also bought silver mining stocks and paper silver.

I delivered the bars and coins to his door. He put them in his gun safe. I had previously told him that he could keep the silver in a bank safe deposit box, a home safe, or even a hiding place in his basement. He claimed he needed a gun safe anyway so he bought one for the silver and other valuables.

Eventually his financial situation changed. He sold the silver stocks for a small profit. He applied for the presidency of a small firm and did not get the job. Subsequently, he sold his paper silver. He took the summer off. Then he got a job as president of a much larger firm. He’s planning to move now. I’m saddened because he was one of the few neighbors I’ve had that I really liked. “What are you going to do with your silver?” I asked him. “I’m taking it with me,” he advised.

The mining stocks went, the paper silver went, but the actual physical silver stayed. That’s the way it is. Once you get the real silver, see it and heft it, you tend to hang on to it. All the other ways to own silver are so easy to sell that they don’t stay with you. That’s the beauty of getting actual physical silver bars and coins into your possession.

By holding on to the silver for the long term you maximize your profit potential. Silver could explode in price to record levels. You don’t want to sell too soon. Paper silver inevitably gets sold too early because the lure of a short-term profit is too persuasive.

Also, it’s not a bad idea to have some silver around in case of runaway inflation. I know this possibility seems remote and far from mainstream economic thought. However, when the government creates money to pay its debts, or borrows excessively, it can cause currency debasement on a grand scale. Should this unlikely event come to pass, you would want to have an historical medium of exchange available.

We strongly advise you to put 10% of your net worth into silver. You must turn your back on stock brokers, money managers or financial advisors who dislike anything but stocks. They oppose buying a bunch of silver and putting it in a safe place in your house or bank box. Most people are heavily into stocks, or rely on money managers who put them into stocks. When financial decisions are so unanimous, danger lurks. The money is made by those who separate from the herd.

Put 10% in silver. Get it into your hands. Those who followed our advice are up 300% so far. Our silver analyst, Ted Butler, is a silver genius, and he says there’s much more upside to go in silver. We’ve made our clients well over a billion dollars, so our advice has been good. Buy silver now. Do whatever it takes to put 10% of your net worth into silver. Call us with any questions.

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