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Over the past ten years silver has easily outdone the U.S. stock market. In fact, it’s been better than most world markets.  Instead of researching opportunities in Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and China over the years investors only needed to buy some silver bars or Eagles and put them away for the long term.  If Ted Butler is right this opportunity still exists in spades.

Here’s the secret to long term profits.  Once you get the real silver, see it and heft it, you tend to hang on to it.  All the other ways to own silver are so easy to sell that they don’t stay with you.  That’s the beauty of getting actual physical silver bars and coins into your possession.
By holding on to the silver for the long term you maximize your profit potential.  Silver could explode in price to record levels.  You don’t want to sell too soon.  Paper silver inevitably gets sold too early because the lure of a short-term profit is too persuasive.

We strongly advise you to put 10% to 20% of your net worth into silver.  You must turn your back on financial advisors who dislike anything but stocks.  They oppose buying silver and putting it in a safe place in your house or bank box.  Most people rely on money managers or brokers who put them into stocks.  When financial decisions are so unanimous, danger lurks.  The money is made by those who separate from the herd.

Get the silver into your hands.  Those who followed our advice from the beginning are up 350% so far.  Our silver analyst, Ted Butler, is a silver wizard, and he says there’s much more upside to go in silver.  We’ve made our clients well over a billion dollars, so our advice has been good.  Buy silver now. Do whatever it takes to put a percentage of your net worth into silver

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