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No other silver analyst on earth comes close to Ted Butler in digging up new revelations about silver. The prior article shines the spotlight on the bullion banks who dramatically, and quite suddenly, increase their short positions in gold and silver. You have to wonder why. I have a theory. They knew in advance the dollar was going to rebound. They knew that this would smash gold and silver.

Over the past forty years the U.S. government has intervened many times in foreign currency markets to bolster the dollar. It was never a secret and the media would report when it happened. Only in the past ten or fifteen years has this process seemed to have gone underground. Although we don’t hear of it like we once did, we can assume it still happens.

The big banks have currency trading desks that the government uses. It’s easy to conclude that the government accidentally, or purposely, leaked their plan to stop the dollar’s slide. Once gold or silver traders got their hands on this inside information, it was a no-brainer on how to turn it into a fortune.

Why would these big banks take such a large short position in the face of tightness in the gold and silver market? Did they know something advance? Why have they not covered all that much? Do they know the government’s exact target for the dollar? It makes you sick to your stomach to think such chicanery could be at work here in America. I hope that my theory is wrong, but let’s face it, this big short position in gold and silver does not pass the smell test.

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