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Silver analyst Theodore Butler is so bullish on silver he thinks it could go to $500 an ounce. Mr. Butler has studied the silver market exclusively for 30 years. He was formerly a futures broker and trader at Merrill Lynch and Drexel, Burnham. He is the world’s ranking expert on silver. He has pioneered virtually all of the modern dialogue on silver. Most of what you see written about new developments in the silver market originated with him.

I talk with him every day and I’m convinced he is a silver genius. What he predicts will happen in the silver market usually does. When he says silver offers the greatest profit opportunity you will ever see, you should listen. This silver genius says you will make more money buying silver than you will with any other asset class. How often can you get advice from the foremost expert on a subject? He is telling us what he truly believes will happen after years of careful study and surveillance of the silver market. According to Mr. Butler, silver is going to go up many times over because of what he has discovered.

Years ago he determined that the price of silver was artificially suppressed. Consequently, it is now far below where it should be. That’s because the price of silver is set on the COMEX via futures trading. Big banks and hedge funds go back and forth trying to outsmart each other with this paper trading while seldom factoring in actual supply and demand fundamentals. How else could silver sell for less than the cost of mining it? The price has been so low for so long that most of the above ground supply has been used up by industry and new silver from mining has barely kept up. Mr. Butler suggests a silver shortage is inevitable.

Currently, silver is in the doldrums and Mr. Butler insists that it is the buy of a lifetime. “Silver must go up,” he claims. “Everything is in place for a price explosion that will be written about for a hundred years. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it will be like an atom bomb on a hydrogen bomb, on a neutron bomb.”

Our advice is to put 20% of your net worth into physical silver. We have been lucky enough to have Theodore Butler as a paid consultant for almost fifteen years. His newsletter costs $350 a year and he has numerous subscribers. His reputation, integrity and cautious analysis make him totally credible. Only a small handful of people are ever going to read or hear Mr. Butler’s advice. Smaller still will be those who act on it. That’s the way it must be. Not everyone can get rich in silver. Based on Mr. Butler’s strong advice, we urge you to be one of those who participates.

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