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Progressives are pushing for massive public works programs to cure the economy.  Liberals now believe that government is the source of growth, job creation and prosperity.  They are implying that capitalism no longer works.  Leftists claim the economy is stuck in the doldrums because big corporations are sitting on cash and are overly satisfied with the status quo.  They want government investment to finance production, employment and consumer spending.

As usual they want to cure the problem with more of what caused the problem.  They never learn from their errors or from history.  Go back one hundred years and examine the economic environment that gave birth to automobiles, airplanes, radios, movies and electric appliances to name a few.  What spurred on the great advances that eliminated starvation, cured disease, raised wages and transformed living standards in a miraculous fashion?  It’s quit simple, low taxes, minimal regulation and sound money.

Today taxes are multiples of what they were back then.  Regulations have exploded.  Money has been grossly debased betraying wage earners, retirees and social security recipients.  We’ve gone from minimal government to maximum government and it’s killing the economy.

Once we were a capitalist country but now we are more socialist than capitalist.  We’re replacing what works with liberal fads that sound good but don’t work.  Socialism inevitably fails but not before it wreaks havoc.

The key for leftists to maintain Socialism is to continue massive government spending.  They have embarked on a course of profligacy that leads to national ruin.  Desperate governments will resort to inflationary measures that destroy the value of the money.  To solve this inevitable onslaught you must bank on tangible assets.  It’s our opinion that the best of these is silver.

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