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Jim Cook



Every once in a while I switch the TV channel from Fox to CNBC to see what the liberals are saying.  After listening awhile I get a deep sense of hopelessness and foreboding for our country.  The most important thing for the left is giving money to people.  They are happy to see the growth of food stamps, disability payments, housing subsidies, free healthcare and all the other welfare benefits.  They utterly fail to see the damage it is doing to the recipients.  Whole cities that once flourished have deteriorated into rotting eyesores populated with shambling hulks of chemically dependent drones.  These people are no longer employable.  They have become incompetent and helpless and the liberals can’t see that it’s their doing.

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December 3, 2009
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Months, Weeks, Maybe Just Days Away From Disaster

The Federal Reserve Bank has no clothes.  The world now sees this.  The "Fed" is buck naked, with nothing more than money printing presses and banks of computers to try to manipulate what it can, while it can.

Our "trading partners" have played along with the game up until now.  But they are beginning to question if this is in their own national interests anymore.  And they are questioning ever new amounts of Federal Reserve "funny money."
Just twenty or thirty years ago, if anyone had written this scenario being played out today, they would have been called "loonie tunes" or "kooks."  Actually, there was much warning.
Yet this is no vindication for a brave class of people who for many years warned time and again that this day would arrive.  For much pain is resulting and will result.
Deficits, debts, expansion of the "money supply" by creating money and credit bubbles and never ending foreign wars to show who is boss and what is what were doomed to eventual failure.  It has been written and written and spoken often, to blind eyes and deaf ears.
Over the years, some courageous people who are patriotic and love this country warned that some special interests were selling out our country, using Federal Reserve bank "funny money,"  debt, leverage and deficits to sell the rest of us out.
Historians will one day wonder how so many were deceived, or more accurately, how so many deceived themselves.
U.S. To Be Increasingly Isolated
This great country I love is about to be isolated by much of the rest of the world.  The U.S. is already being blamed for the world economic crisis.  We have many adversaries and competitors who played along with us for a long time as they felt it was in their best interest. 
I have often felt that far too much credit is given to the government's military for the strength of our nation in the past.
My father was a U.S. Army soldier who fought in Germany and Belgium in World War II as were three uncles in World War II.
But take away our nation--or any nation's real wealth and productivity---and you have no professional military to amount to anything.  No money?  No big military.  If what happens is what I think is going to happen, our troops will be coming "home" in the next few years due to nothing of value to pay them with.
Much allocation is still going for war, whether you support the current exercises or not.  That is fact. Detroit, which is not considered so vital by some in Washington, is decaying.

Worthless Currency Will Be A Crisis Of Historic Proportions
If we lose the dollar---what is left of it after the Federal Reserve Bank got a hold of it, we have lost much.  If the dollar is destroyed, you can forget about having much of any military operations anywhere.  Troops and weaponry cost a lot of money.  Troops, as brave as they are, can't travel far if their government has no money that will buy anything.
Our influence in the rest of the world will be about gone.
What's worse, power abhors a vacuum as the old saying goes, and there will be others waiting in the wings to go in and take over areas of the world that the United States once dominated, or at least certainly influenced.
If the dollar is destroyed, our world influence will be destroyed.
Do you know of any bankrupt people who have much influence with those who pay their bills?

We Have Done It To Ourselves

We have done it to ourselves, or we have at least allowed it to be done to us.  The old saying holds true:
"Not every folly is a folly if you see who benefits from the folly."
This crisis is not accidental.  There are reasons we are in a world monetary crisis.  It has been accurately predicted.  Jim Cook wrote a book several years back about a credit crisis as we are seeing now.
In the end, the full "faith and credit" of a printing press is just more paper.
This is an historic collapse.  It has only begun.  It is a book that was written and published in advance, but few believed it.
When Barry Goldwater warned in the 1960s about government getting into areas of the economy and society that it had no Constitutional authority to be going into, he was labeled a radical, a "kook."  His great vision was answered with a resounding defeat by voters.  And his party learned from such a drubbing as it "moderated" its "views" and the likes of Richard Nixon came along.  A "conservative?"  Not in my book.   He slammed the gold window shut which only prolonged the inevitable.  He also opened the door to Red China to awaken a sleeping giant.
Others warned there was no free lunch from a money printing press, and most of them met similar fates.  Those alarmed decades ago that the government was taking away gold and later, silver out of the money supply, were rebuked as "kooks" or "gold nuts."  They don't appear as such "kooks" today.  The daily news today sounds about like their warnings and predictions over the past 50 years.
It Can Happen In Days, Hours
The United States, the country I love, has allowed its federal government to do just what our founders warned us against---minded just about everyone's knitting but our own.
We worry more about some smart remark someone made in Iran or South American than what has happened to Detroit, the city my father was born in.  I spoke to a family friend the other day and he and his wife gave away, free of charge, a home her mother owned for years in Detroit.  The economy is so bad there, they couldn't rent it or sell it. They gave it to the city.
The egos of our national politicians are so great they fret more about and want to strike back over a nasty comment some fifth rate dictator said about them than they seem to worry about what is happening to our own citizens.
We can lose the paper dollar in days, or even hours.
We may wake up some fine morning to discover that a band of nations have agreed to no longer accept U.S dollars for trade.
Most wars, if you study history, are over trade and money.  Socrates said, "All wars are over money," and I have come to just about believe that.  Other "causes" are always given, but rest assured, most wars are over trade.
A history professor I had in college said that fighting wars tend to follow trade disputes by about a decade.
We could be in for some big trouble.
The fact is, reputable sources say that two thirds of U.S. dollars are now held by overseas interests.  That means we have lost much control over our own economy.  We are depending on foreign interests for the lifeblood of our own economy.
At some point, the game of musical chairs will stop, and rather abruptly.  People, and nations, get tired of about any game.  It gets old, it gets tiring.
I have argued for years that the U.S. Congress has no back-up system for a monetary collapse.  As with 9-11, we will be taken aback by the coming monetary crisis even though it is, as 9-11, a blowback, a boomerang, to government meddling and manipulations of other people and countries.   With all of the evidence of cracks in the system, what would Washington do if the Federal Reserve Notes collapsed in value overnight?  We will wait for a crisis, and then over-react and again do the wrong things.
Eventually, the wealth of nations will again be determined by gold and silver in their treasuries and held by their citizens.  Some nations are publicly growing suspicious of the Federal Reserve funny money.  Since really all world currencies are fiat, it's about like a gathering of gangsters, all suspicious of what the other has really done and arranged.
Prediction: Many nations will indict the U.S. for the world economic collapse.  Fair or not, we are going to get the brunt of the blame.  And it is going to be a very angry and widespread belief.
We are about to be ganged up on, even by some current seemingly "friendly" trading partners.  Save this article. It won't be pretty.