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Jim Cook



Every once in a while I switch the TV channel from Fox to CNBC to see what the liberals are saying.  After listening awhile I get a deep sense of hopelessness and foreboding for our country.  The most important thing for the left is giving money to people.  They are happy to see the growth of food stamps, disability payments, housing subsidies, free healthcare and all the other welfare benefits.  They utterly fail to see the damage it is doing to the recipients.  Whole cities that once flourished have deteriorated into rotting eyesores populated with shambling hulks of chemically dependent drones.  These people are no longer employable.  They have become incompetent and helpless and the liberals can’t see that it’s their doing.

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November 12, 2012

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How can I say this without (horrors!) giving the impression I am giving up on lifetime principles?
Some people have been harping about the accumulating economic problems we have, but as the recent election showed, the majority is not ready to listen.
Is there a point where your principles are so important and so precious you won't waste your hard work and effort trying to teach them anymore to people who continuously turn them down and mock them?
I heard a country preacher say one time that the hardest lesson he ever had to learn was not to waste effort on those who are not READY TO LISTEN.  You only end up exhausted and upset.   "Wait," he said, "There will be a time when someone is ready to listen."   Some people won't listen until they are in pain and suffering.  Tens and tens of millions of United States citizens get pleasure, not pain out of federal spending. Those who pay for it get the pain. This could go on for a long time yet.
As a famous writer said, "Elections are an advance auction on stolen goods."
Said another, "Elections are about seeing who gets and who gets to pay."
The election just passed showed me that a majority in this country are not yet ready to listen.  They may never be.  It will take a world economic cataclysm for them to finally be ready to listen.  And then, PRESTO, as if by magic they will know more than you think they know today.  As long as the benefits keep coming, even if printed up in the form of paper currency, things will not change much.
The system is still pumping out regular government benefits for tens of millions, and as long as that can continue, don't expect many people to start tearing up any of their government goodies.  This is why so many don't care about reducing the size of government so long as they believe the present system benefits THEM.
This is why the good Congressman Ron Paul never really got to first base running for national office.  There are many more people who will fight to keep a military base open in their area or seek Food Stamps than to suggest less federal spending is what we need.
No, about the only thing that will make any significant difference would be a currency debacle.  As long as the government can effectively print money via its private central bankers, and the public accepts this as true wealth, the scheme can continue.  As long as the magicians can keep pulling rabbits out of the hat, the show will go on. 
At some point, we get what we deserve.  At some point, we are rewarded or hurt by the people we chose to believe and to follow.  It's a choice everyone makes.
Many people, as the election showed, are not interested in principles at all.  They are interested in comfort, and things.  They want others to pay for what THEY want.  What it is is what it is. 
A so-called "poll" showed 2/3rds of exit voters said they would support higher taxes on the rich.  Sure they would---tax the other guy.  That's as old as the hills.
The campaign also clearly showed extreme discrimination and demagoguery against wealthy people or even middle class people who work hard to have anything.
It is okay to lam-bast and use discrimination against people who have property, but not people due to race or religion.  What if the question posed by the pollsters was, "Would you be in favor of a higher tax on blacks, greens or whites, or jews?  This would clearly be an outrage to most people.
Yet, two-thirds said it was fine with them to sock it to someone who had more money than them. Envy, lust and greed are not seen as discriminatory, apparently.
No, there are just too many federal benefits paid out anymore to realistically think there will be any voluntary shrinking of the government.
What isn't the government in?   It is the largest single employer in the country.  The military has become a jobs program for our young people who can't find jobs locally.  There is school breakfast and lunch programs, even in the summer.  There are college guaranteed loans, federal student grants, federal research grants, Community Development Block Grants for county and local governments.  There are transportation grants, Homeland Security grants for local police and fire departments.
There are farm aid bills, federally subsidized flood insurance, Head Start grants, grants for local airports, subsidizes to operate Amtrak passenger trains, grants to control flooding in communities, highway grants, law enforcement grants for local DUI enforcement, various federal bailouts of industry in recent years, banking system bailouts, federal retraining grants for those laid off, federal assistance for weather forecasting, federal control and licensing of over the air broadcasting, grants for academic improvement and the list goes on and on. There are even the now famous "Obama" phones.  And shortly,we will be forced to have health insurance by a government that can't run the Post Office right.   Did you see, by the way, all of the "exemptions" to Obamacare?  Something is crooked about the whole thing, in my opinion.
Is there even one endeavor of human life our government is not involved in in some way? 
Where is the majority constituency to make major reductions in the size and cost of our government?.  Some people will suggest getting rid of someone else's program, but not their own.  Go to most veterans' organizations and talk about cutting down on the tremendous cost of our wars and military expenses. 
No, as the election showed, the country by and large is not ready to hear about the principles of limited government, even though our early history was embedded in such beliefs.
I keep hearing those words, don't keep talking to people when they are not ready to listen.
Unfortunately, many people are not ready to hear until it is too late. 
It is not yet time to talk with tens and tens of millions of people getting federal benefits.  The pumping machine is still able to work, and as long as it is, most will not listen.
As long as the Federal Reserve Bank can keep its magic show going, there is little worry.  As long as federal benefits still reach about half of the population, that sector will certainly not be calling for elimination of their benefits.  And they will vote for the candidate who offers the greatest chance to continue them.
At about the same day as the election, the news media announced the U.S. now has the lowest birth rate in its recorded history.  We are not making many babies any more and that will be a major economic problem down the road.  That may seem like another issue, but it is not.  We have many people today who are more worried about their own comfort and possessions than in worrying about our future.
Some of my fellow travelers can keep "warning" everyone about what we have warned about for decades.  And sometimes, "We have met the enemy and the enemy is us."  Some so-called conservatives become flaming liberals when it comes to questionable wars and the military.  Who would have thought the so-called "conservative" Republican George W. Bush Administration would have caused so many disasters.(in my opinion.)
Pollsters also found that many people who voted for Obama said basically, "Well, look at the big mess Obama inherited from Bush, including $4 trillion in two wars put on a credit card."  And it was Bush that began the Wall Street bailouts.  Research it.
So I'll be at the ready, still on this crusade.  I'm just going to save a lot of my strength, as the lion that rests much of the day, to pounce into action when and if the public is finally ready to listen.
I'm not going to "moderate or change" my stands as some big government proponents say to do.    I'm just going to rest up for the time when the public actually is READY to listen.
 I'm going to give my voice a rest and take it a bit easier.  Sometimes when you quit pounding your thumb with a hammer, it is wonderful how it feels in just stopping for awhile.
When the financial boat hits an iceberg, and it will, then I will start talking again to people who are finally, finally, ready to listen.  Until then, most won't listen as the election just showed.
I'm not saying "give up."  Just rest and relax a bit.  Save your hoarse voice.  As the election showed, it's not time.  Maybe it never will be.  Maybe some of us are looking for a perfect wold that doesn't exist.
There are other things to fight for---such as a cure for cancer, better nutrition and how to eliminate the bed bug problem they are having in some areas of the country.
There's always someone ready to listen to those topics.