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Jim Cook



Every once in a while I switch the TV channel from Fox to CNBC to see what the liberals are saying.  After listening awhile I get a deep sense of hopelessness and foreboding for our country.  The most important thing for the left is giving money to people.  They are happy to see the growth of food stamps, disability payments, housing subsidies, free healthcare and all the other welfare benefits.  They utterly fail to see the damage it is doing to the recipients.  Whole cities that once flourished have deteriorated into rotting eyesores populated with shambling hulks of chemically dependent drones.  These people are no longer employable.  They have become incompetent and helpless and the liberals can’t see that it’s their doing.

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Best of William Histed
October 30, 2009
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Prophets Are Seldom Honored,
Even When Proven Right

Prophets are rarely, if every honored the way they deserve to be, even when their vision into the future is confirmed by events to have been 20/20.

Most people are followers---it is far easier to follow than to lead. Ithas mostly always been that way.

Even as we witness our wonderful nation in undeniable world decline.....more citizens know more about their favorite sports teams than they do what our government economic policies have done to this nation.

There are tens of millions more of United States citizens who would rather know where their favorite sports teams will end up in the rankings than how much more "funny money" has been created in the past year or two.

Since most people are followers, they are easily led to the next distraction when a crisis hits.

                                                World Financial Crisis Was Predicted

The current world financial crisis is far from over, and may only be in the opening acts. In the United States, once the world's largest creditor country, it's hard to have a robust economy when you have given away entire industries in the past decade or two.

This was all detail....but few cared even if they believed it.  And some who are now in the belly of the whale....those who have lost their homes, their small businesses, their retirement plans....still don't seem to grasp what happened to them, why it happened to them and how it happened to them.  All many know is SOMETHING happened to them.

The current economic crisis is not an economic crisis for everyone.  Some interests are actually benefitting from the apparent state of economic confusion.  To them, it is not confusing at all, it is an opportunity to take further advantage of others.

Someone once wrote that if you think something is a "folly," it may very well be a folly and something stupid or foolish in your eyes. But look further and see who is benefitting from the folly.  That might give you a clue that the "folly" may not necessarily have been an accident or a mistake.

As tragic as our current economic situation is, there are some people who are benefitting handsomely from it. To them, this is not a tragedy as far as they are concerned.

There has been tremendous, dare I say world historic manipulation in our economy and the international economy.

All of this was not an "accident."

The Federal Reserve Bank and its international fiat paper money banking web have manipulated "finances" more that my hometown pizza maker manipulated his dough to make great pizza.  Now, the private international bankers can even do their manipulating with computer entries....truck loads of "bank notes" are not needed as much anymore with they can just do their "massaging" with computer blips.  Someday, when the pain will be over---students of history will laugh at how easily so many were tricked and fooled with sheer paper and computer entries.

Someone, somewhere is not being so easily fooled with the upward tick in silver and gold prices which have risen in the same upward direction with the increase in the paper "money supply" and "credit increases."

                                     Concerts Are More Easily Understood Than "Conspiracies"

Don't put me down as one who believes much in dark, secret "conspiracies."  Over the years, I think some very well meaning groups and individuals greatly damaged their credibility by putting the label "secret conspiracy" on different things.  Some of those groups and individuals may even have been right about some of their beliefs, but they lost support for their ideas when they suggested or implied that many events and actions have malice and hate behind them.
Some things are not necessarily done for malice or hatred, but to gain an advantage over someone or other interests.

Some hurtful things have been done to people on fixed income, savers in banks and credit unions and others by the Federal Reserve Bank and Wall Street, not to hurt them, but to create bubbles for their friends in "equities" to ride in.  When you have unbacked currency that can be created in unlimited amounts, expect such manipulation and greed.

When politicians and the government know a good thing----for them---when they see it, expect them to get in good with the private central bankers who get a monopoly for their accommodations.

I happen to come from a very musical family, though the art to produce music bypassed me.  I do love music, though, and lots of different kinds of it.

I have owned and managed radio stations and worked around college musicians, all of which does not make me an expert in music.  But the one thing I have noticed above everything else is how so many different people, of different talents, interests, appearances, styles and backgrounds can get together in harmony to create a certain setting or a certain atmosphere.

Many things that happen in our country, many of our government and public policies are not done out of malice or to try to make a fool out of others.  Same with international events and our own foreign policies.  These things often are the result of various interests, even sometimes seemingly opposing interests, who get together to create the music they want others to tap to, to dance to.

No doubt there are some events that occur because revenge, spite or good old ego wanted to make a statement or statements.  Especially when you get into power politics, at home or in other countries.

Someone once said politicians and government thrive on power....bankers thrive on profit and the two often get together to help each other.  That never made much sense to me until I got older and I see about the last thing anyone in Washington wants is PROFIT.  Washington majors in losses.  Politics loves power and popularity second.

Power is so coveted by most politicians that I have seen many politicians undergo complete personality changes to get themselves elected to  office.  I have known some governors and U.S. legislators that I almost thought were seduced by some creatures from another planet, their speech and values had changed that much from when I first knew them.  They had completely transformed themselves into something different over "power."
Bankers. on the other hand, don't care much for power, certainly not as much as making profit.  Most bankers don't even care if you personally like them or not.  Our private Federal Reserve Bank will help Washington with its its domestic foolishness which is often popular, and in turn the Federal government helps the Federal Reserve Bank make profits...even to the point of making it the exclusive, official bank for the government and theoretically, the people.  This is not all that complicated if you consider it.  In fact, it can get lost in its simplicity.

 No, friends, I don't think these major changes, even these tragedies we are seeing are the result of some secret conspiracy to make life miserable for everyone else.

But I do see where some interests, in violation of the spirit of our nation's founders, have used the force and coercion of government to try to gain advantage over others, but it for power or profit.

And trade wars, economic depressions and fighting wars often occur when the international lovers of power fight among themselves, financed by their international private bankers they have given a monopoly to  print paper money.

When greed for power and profit go into the highest gear and the niceties of national boundaries and national courtesies seem less important than global power and global profits, watch out!  This is where we are now. It is a fever.

What we now have is the Swine Flu of geopolitical power and profits as the United States' influence and power is waning.  This happens whenever empires overreach and believe they can decree real wealth by government edict.
This is a historic time in the world, and it should be a sad time for the United States, for we have everything to lose and very little to gain in the balance of world power and world finance that is changing.

No, it didn't happen overnight.  The United States government and economic policies...not to mention a series of never ending wars and military adventures around the world, have bankrupted us...literally.  Many still believe wealth can be printed, but the believers are fewer by the day.

When the elephants begin to fight, and they are starting to fight, the mice should head for the underbrush. This is what is now underway.  The world is starting to call our bluff, and we no longer hold the upper cards.

Our government policies have caused us to have many enemies around the world over the years.  Many of these countries have played along with us because they felt it was in their best interest---at the time.  But power and profit can change perceptions---and friends---overnight when it comes to international politicians and international finances.

At some point soon, we will see who are real friends are.  And we will, at that time, see if we bought our friends, it was only temporarily.