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Jim Cook



Every once in a while I switch the TV channel from Fox to CNBC to see what the liberals are saying.  After listening awhile I get a deep sense of hopelessness and foreboding for our country.  The most important thing for the left is giving money to people.  They are happy to see the growth of food stamps, disability payments, housing subsidies, free healthcare and all the other welfare benefits.  They utterly fail to see the damage it is doing to the recipients.  Whole cities that once flourished have deteriorated into rotting eyesores populated with shambling hulks of chemically dependent drones.  These people are no longer employable.  They have become incompetent and helpless and the liberals can’t see that it’s their doing.

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October 16, 2012

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Economic Liberty Lost One Of Its Best
Friends In The Death Of Jerry Hughes

There are probably a million people, at best, who heard talk show host Jerry Hughes over the years before he died recently at the age of 62.  It's a shame more people did not hear him.  Many of the larger radio stations would not have anyone on who would say that our nation's financial woes seemed to run in tandem with the government's getting off the gold standard.  A lot of things can be done with paper that can't be done with historic real money that has real intrinsic value.
Based in my home county in Florida, Jerry's base was at his family's small AM station at the edge of a lake in the middle of town.  With a single non-directional tower under 200 feet that does not even have to be lighted at night, the station puts out 1,000 watts.  But what a 1,000 watts it is!  The station probably gets out 25-30 miles in each direction.
Jerry put things on the air that made you think....things you will never hear on big 50,000 watt stations in urban areas. First, he believed each of us has a duty to talk with others about our values and what we believe.  Don't ever assume that anyone else knows exactly what you know or have had the experiences you have had.
How many big city stations have program hosts who tell you the reason for the Second amendment exists so the citizens can keep their own politicians at bay?  Most of you thought it was to protect your right to hunt rabbits and deer.
He said our founders were not worried so much about hunting or protection from burglars as for protection from their own government should it go astray. He felt the citizens had a greater duty to be armed against the government as the government has a right to be armed against its citizens.  Translated: Citizens are the boss over the government and politicians, but we "seem to have it backwards these days."
And professional standing armies?  That's nothing our founders wanted.  They had enough of that from Europe.  That's what they fought AGAINST.  He felt much of our costly military bases around the world are more about trade expansion than anything else.
Said Jerry on the air one day, "I doubt there is one World War II veteran who is still living who will tell you, "I fought for bigger government and more taxes."  In fact, the U.S. was fighting the type of government tyranny that Germany and Japan had at the time.
At last count  the time of his unexpected death this year due to heart problems he was on 13 radio stations.  Not exactly the size of Rush Limbaugh, but unlike some talk show hosts, Jerry did not think one political party was all right and the other all wrong. 
He said both the Democrat and Republican parties share equal blame for our current plight and noted the "neocons" of the Republican Party who pushed us in recent years into multi-trillion dollars wars of questionable value were just as big for government as the social liberals.
Having heard many of his shows on the radio while I was at work, Mr. Hughes believed our taxpayers spending four our militarism was not so idealistic for freedom as for making the Middle East and other places economic colonies for Wall Street.  You can see why he was not let on major stations owned by Wall Street listed companies.
But he liked government domestic social programs even less.
He grew up in the radio business, as his Dad, who still runs a small AM station in Lakeland Florida, was in small market radio ownership.
Jerry was an all 'round radio guy, who could run the station, jerry-rig equipment, do commercials and then go on a three hour weekday satellite network hook-up to do his talk show.
He was no "radical," any more than our nation's founders were radicals.


Jerry Hughes believed we have been losing our country inch by inch from what our founders envisioned.  He cautioned not to make the mistake to think all of our freedoms are being destroyed by Washington.  "The local and state governments are doing a pretty good job of it, too," he said. More on that later.
He believed much trickery was being done through the twisting and pulling of the economic system to transfer the wealth of the country to the hands of the already wealthy.
Part of this national transfer of wealth and power had to do with taking silver and gold out of the money supply that everyone once had and leaving citizens with central banking coupons.
He said silver and gold in the hands of everyday citizens gave them real wealth and power, but the central banking system of paper only brought about debt for the whole country.
Paper money, actually that relies totally on false confidence, has permitted governments to do things they could not otherwise do with gold and silver as money.  Paper money has financed wars that should not have been fought and it has introduced social domestic programs that has often destroyed the will to work, he said.
In pulling all of this off through the century-old Federal Reserve Bank, the federal government had to get control of the states.  As our nation was set up, the states were to run the federal government, but today, the federal government runs the states. Even armies were once raised by the states.  To see this for yourself, visit Civil War graves and see how the monument is marked.
The federal government was to have very, very few direct functions.  First, our founders strictly and expressly forbid the federal government from directly taxing the citizens. The states, basically, were to fill Congress and handle local regulations.  This change also mysteriously happened at about the time of the founding or our paper laden Federal Reserve Bank. Several things came together all at once and what happened next?  We found ourselves involved in Europe's war called the World War.  Later would come its continuance, World War II.
So major changes happened to our monetary system to facilitate putting our once very limited federal government on steroids and on mind expanding drugs.
Yes, the changes were dramatic from what we had known. Our founders thought they put in place guards, but the place guards got removed almost secretly.
The closest government physically to the people were local and county governments and they were to be the closest governments to the people's daily lives.
But all of this got changed about the time our economic system got changed, Mr. Hughes said.   To change our federal government to a huge, central government, the old honest money system had to be changed to a dishonest paper and debt banking system, he believed.
This was done through financial trickery.  Who controls the currency or what passes for "money," controls the country.  Part of this is to get as many people and governments into debt where they take an inferior position in the whole arrangement.
But he had a message on the radio I've heard few others say.
We, the people, have not only lost our freedoms to the federal government, we are increasingly losing our freedoms to state, county and local government.
Hughes gave the example of building your own house.  You will soon see who actually owns your property.  You may have the use of your property, and the obligations for it, but ultimately, failure to adhere to a huge list of rules, regulations, guidelines and laws will see you met at your door eventually by someone with a uniform and a gun.
Hughes also argued that it doesn't make a lot of difference if big government is called socialism, nazism or communism. "They are all first cousins," he said.
He quoted a judge who once said, that any government big enough to give you anything you want is big enough to take away anything you have.
A boot at the throat is a boot at the throat, no matter the style or color of the boot.
Increasingly, he noted, even local law enforcement in some cases has become more militant and argumentative with everyday citizens. Sometimes municipal and state governments have rules and laws just as draconian as the federal government.
Increasingly around our nation, taxpayers are being jailed for violating local laws as to such things as zoning, building without a proper permit, failure to pay local fees, lawn watering, pet laws and such.
His father told him of knowledge he had of a small town in Georgia many years ago in which the local government announced it was putting in parking meters against the wishes of the merchants and many citizens. The merchants went to meetings and protested but the city government over-ruled them.
On the Monday morning the parking meters were to be installed, about every merchant arrived early and parked in front of their stores, each with a pistol in hand.  The parking meters never went in.
Jerry said not to miss the point of this real story, that he was not advocating taking weapons to use to show force, but he wanted to show how in more recent times even local governments have become dictatorial with local property owners.
Today, we have become a nation of 300 million "SHEEP-LE" who meekly accept any rules or laws government at any level hand down to us.  People are almost afraid to argue or be arrested for disorderly conduct or interfering with a legal "command" of an "officer."
At one time, the citizens ran the country, but today, the government runs the country, Jerry Hughes said.  He argued we have lost many of our freedoms.
Jerry was a voice for freedom.  He believed the only way a nation is great is to have freedom, very little taxation and to keep government force and government special interests away from everyday work and living.
This does not mean he was an anarchist.  He was not.  He believed we need "limited government."  As he once said, he believes in lines down the middle of the highway and laws should be specific as to which side of the highway you should drive on.
And he argued Congress should get back to its required job to oversee the coinage of silver and gold as official U.S. money and to get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank which seems to only make its major banking family owners even richer.
Did Jerry get rich?  No, but as he would say, he was content with what he had. He was not jealous that someone else had more money and he did not want to use the force of politics and government to steal someone else's money.
National politics, as it is now, he believed, contain a lot of envy, greed and snake oil sales people offering to take money from someone who earned it if you will only support them in getting and staying elected.
He told the joke on the air just before he died of  Mitt Romney and President Obama walking down the street together one day.  Approached by a homeless man, Romney reached into his pocket and gave the man a $20 bill.  This, after President Obama had said how much the man needed help. 
A week later Romney and Obama were again walking together when the homeless man approached them again.  President Obama, again expressing his heart-felt compassion for the homeless man, told Romney, "Give the man another $20."
The point is, many government programs are simply about giving away someone else's money they earned.
I read the papers, but I somehow missed the paper that announced Jerry Hughes had died.  People who were at the funeral told me they never saw so many grown men cry, including tough Florida red necks and crackers.
Today, WWAB AM in Lakeland, Florida, still runs Jerry's show by recording.  Jerry's voice is still heard on radio, but it can't last for long.  It's as if the shock of his death is still there.
I called Jerry's Dad one day. He has to be in his 80s. I hesitated calling him, but one of the announcers at the station gave me his home phone number and said to call.  I told him how sorry I was that Jerry passed away.  He knew me, which surprised me. I told him how much of a loss Jerry's death was.
We lost a giant for freedom in the loss of Jerry Hughes. 



In one of his final broadcasts, he said that slavery at its worst point when you are chained, shackled, whipped and beaten.  You can protest, object and still believe in your mind that no one has a right to enslave you, physically, economically, politically or otherwise.
The worst kind of slavery, Hughes said over the air, is when people who have become as some in our country, addicted to the slave master and who enjoy and count on their dependency. They don't even know they are slaves and that is the worst point of slavery.