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Jim Cook



Every once in a while I switch the TV channel from Fox to CNBC to see what the liberals are saying.  After listening awhile I get a deep sense of hopelessness and foreboding for our country.  The most important thing for the left is giving money to people.  They are happy to see the growth of food stamps, disability payments, housing subsidies, free healthcare and all the other welfare benefits.  They utterly fail to see the damage it is doing to the recipients.  Whole cities that once flourished have deteriorated into rotting eyesores populated with shambling hulks of chemically dependent drones.  These people are no longer employable.  They have become incompetent and helpless and the liberals can’t see that it’s their doing.

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The Best of Jim Cook Archive

Best of Jim Cook
September 8, 2016
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The term “useful idiots” is thought to have been first used by Lenin to describe those who helped his communist revolution, but didn’t completely understand his argument or who deviated in its practice. Today’s liberals and progressives are useful idiots in the sense that they are aiding the adoption of socialism, but don’t suspect that’s the case. Wikipedia defines useful idiots as a term for people who are propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of.

Liberals believe the government must intervene in the free market and heavily regulate capitalism. It’s called the mixed economy. However, there is no middle road between capitalism and socialism. The mixed economy is merely a transition phase from capitalism to socialism. Government intervention as espoused by progressives is a slippery slope; regulation never stops increasing, taxes rise continuously, and government programs grow relentlessly. This is the descent into socialist hell as practiced in Venezuela. Today’s useful idiots never see the utter failure of their liberal social programs or their Keynesian economic policies. They just push for more of the same. They play into the hands of those who hate America and want to destroy it. Liberals are the useful idiots of the far left.