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Jim Cook



Every once in a while I switch the TV channel from Fox to CNBC to see what the liberals are saying.  After listening awhile I get a deep sense of hopelessness and foreboding for our country.  The most important thing for the left is giving money to people.  They are happy to see the growth of food stamps, disability payments, housing subsidies, free healthcare and all the other welfare benefits.  They utterly fail to see the damage it is doing to the recipients.  Whole cities that once flourished have deteriorated into rotting eyesores populated with shambling hulks of chemically dependent drones.  These people are no longer employable.  They have become incompetent and helpless and the liberals can’t see that it’s their doing.

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Best of Howard Ruff
August 4, 2011
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I was traveling over Donner Pass from California.  On the way up the hill, I followed a big-rig truck.  Suddenly the truck was pulled off to the side of the road, and a big burly man, carrying a big bat ran to the back of the trailer and started beating on it.

I followed behind him, trying to figure out why every few minutes he would pull off to the side of the road, get out of the truck and beat on the trailer with his bat.

About the third time this happened my curiosity got the better of me.  This was a big man carrying an even bigger stick, but I gathered every ounce of courage I had, got out of my car and asked, “Hey, why do you keep stopping to beat your trailer?”

He said, “Friend, this is a two-ton trailer, and I have three tons of chickens.  If I don’t keep a third of them flying, I’m never going to make it up this hill.”

This story reminds me of the current state of the country.  The politicians have to keep some problems flying until after the 2012 election or they will never get reelected.  It really doesn’t matter who is elected; we’ll all be in the soup together.